Principle #8 Be Inspired, Inspire Others ~ Mentors Are Essential

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Soil To Soul Principle #8

Mentors Are Essential ~ Regardless of age seek mentors and mentor others. Share, and rejoice inter-generational wisdom, fresh inspirational ideas, and encouragement.

Aloha Beautiful Souls,

Who are your mentors?

Who motivates you to make a difference?

My life has been enriched in so many ways having wise and trusted advisers.

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced person offers their knowledge and guidance. A mentor can be older or younger than you.
Some of my mentor are more than 1/2 my age, inspiring me with a youthful twist, helping me feel much younger then my years. The expertise they share in the digital world, have helped me to launch my next career. Beyond the latest business techniques offered, the youthful mentors I choose to surround myself with are back to the landers and health conscious, offering priceless teachings.

Business Mentor

“Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” ~ Plato

My first business mentor was a father.
I cultivated entrepreneurial consciousness at an early age observing my amusing father in his dental practice. His saw patients in the downstairs of our house. He also had a tiny laboratory with a small staff to make the crowns and bridges for his patients. Soil To Soul Solutions

It totally sunk in, that diversifying a business, was good business, and that laziness was not an option. And most important, treating people with kindness was key. It was a very impressionable time. Little did I know at the time that he would be my greatest business mentor throughout my business career.

He did not instruct me, or provide on-the-spot training. Instead, he challenged me; he encouraged me to think for myself and to approach painful and difficult times with objectively. He served as a source of wisdom when I needed it the most. His actions nourished the peculiar bent of my genius.

Since my fathers passing and my new business model has shifted to a writer and CEO (Conscious Enthusiastic Optimist) of Soil to Soul Solutions, I have embraced other business mentors such as Marie Forleo , Brenden Burchardand others.

Soul Mentor

We come in contact with many beautiful souls on our life’s journey, as a mentor. and as a mentoree.
Saint Rosemary, my stepmother, and Mother Dear who I shared with you in a previous post, have been my greatest soul mentors.

Rosemary stepped into my life when I was 29, two years after my mother passed away from cancer. If my family was from Pluto, my new stepmom Rosemary and her family came from Saturn or some new planet that has not yet been discovered. Needless to say, our relationship became an unexpected treasure. Rosemary offers wisdom from a different perspective that inspires me to be a better person in so many ways. At nearly 80 years old, she still volunteers tirelessly at the food bank, woman’s shelter and Rotary. She takes a sincere interest in my life offering motherly advice and encouragement.

Who are your Soul Mentor’s?

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Individuals who are Ethical, Compassionate, Trustworthy & Smart, offering encouragement to help you achieve your greatest’s aspirations.

Mother Nature, the Greatest Mentor, holds the answers to the world’s most challenging problems.

Observing Nature and learning from her successes, we gain wisdom that can help us survive as a species.
An excellent article to read by Janine Benyus, the president of the Biomimicry Institute NATURE AS MENTOR AND OTHER LESSONS FROM BIOMIMICRY
I contribute the success of my business’s and fondest relationships, from observing the systems and cycles of Nature while communing with others.

Mentoring is “relational” and nature is all about it.
Shine like the sun and spread your light

Soil To Soul Solutions

Everyone is a mentor, or mentee eventually.

A mentor is often referred to as a guru, confidant, an experience trusted advisor.
The mentee is the beneficiary of the mentor.

Understanding the role of a Mentor and the Mentee is a good starting point for success in building an ongoing trusting relationship.

So you ask, what is a mentor suppose to do for me ~ if I’m the Mentee?

Offers wisdom that gets you thinking for yourself.
Creates a safe environment for you to share and express ideas.
Offer guidance and critic without judgment.
Focuses on your strengths, and helps you see your weakness as an opportunity.
Facilitates growth by sharing resources and networks.
Challenges you to move beyond your comfort zone.
Focuses on your total development, for lasting, long term gains.

Mentors do not expect to be paid. They have an invested interest in your success as they truly care about you and your development.

Soil To Soul Solutions

How to have a successful relationship with a Mentor:

First, find mentors that truly have your best interest in mind.
If a respectable person, someone you admire, offers to mentor you, GO FOR IT.
Be brutally honest, share your ambitions and your fears.
Be present, open and attentive when offered advice.
Ask questions with no expectations of the perfect answer.
Research and apply the mentor’s guidance and report your progress.
Do not expect a mentor to solve your problems or do the work for you.
Show your appreciation for your mentor’s advice and support.
Do not waste time complaining.

There are paid coaches and consultants that can further help you.

A mentor can make a difference in your career and life. When you come to the relationship with an open mind and heart, the wisdom can be a game changer. Sometimes, the impact of a mentor’s guidance and wisdom may not be felt for years to come; but it will show up for sure. Ultimately we learn or absorb something from every situation, and everyone ~ so Choose Wisely.

It is a privilege to be able to mentor others as it is to be mentored.
Seek out mentors that have your best interest in mind at any age, and of any age.

Soil To Soul Solutions

Mentors are essential in my world, as are paid coaches and consultants, from time to time. Investing in yourself is always a good thing. You’re worth it.

I believe we’re attracted to the experiences and individuals that motivate us to become the best version of ourselves. We all have the opportunity to mentor and be mentees.

Big Love,

Mama Donna

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