What do you stand for?

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Why Retire When I can Inspire?

With everything going on with the elections attention to the Standing Rock Movement has been diluted. Now more than ever before is it important to Stand for what you believe in and come from your heart to make a difference.

As many of you may already know there is currently a battle taking place between big oil and the people. This battle is in defense of The Treaty of Fort Laramie created in 1851, but most particularly it is for our water.

This battle has been ultimately going on since the industrial age; it is a clash between the forces of humans and nature. The earth can only suffer so much before it rebels against an intrusive species.
Will you take a stand for the Earth?

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This is violating native land and the treaty, but it is also threatening not only their primary drinking source. But also a source which supplies millions of Americans with fresh drinking water.

This whole situation is an example of big coorporations stepping over the people for profit which is happening nealy everywhere. Its time to take the power we have given away back and to defend our land; our home.

“If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.” ~ David Suzuki

Soil To Soul Solutions

As protests at standing rock between the Sioux tribe activists and privately hired militias heat up.

You may be left wondering how you can help

Spread this information!

Connecting through social media and sharing important and compelling content is one of the ways we take our power back.
Mainstream media had been refusing to cover this story.
If it weren’t for social media, many of us wouldn’t even know this was happening.

Go to Standing Rock and share your solidarity with this important cause. There are many programs and other ways to [get involved.] Check out their website for more details http://standingrock.org

You can also donate and sign the white house petition which is a quick google away.

This battle represents and an overarching issue that affects all lands. It’s time we stand together for Earth Sovereignty everywhere. Standing Rock is one of many battles. For sure there is environmental injustice happening everywhere. If each of us takes a stand for the Earth, we can begin to regenerate our planet. Pick your battle and support others.

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Being the change you wish to see in the world is the first step to reversing the situation we find ourselves in.

Government can only do so much; it’s time to govern ourselves and
become the solution, not the pollution.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the many different movements and causes to stand for. Choose what resonates with you and stand tall.

How can we bridge the world together and come together as one?

Will you choose to stand for Nature? Remember, You are Nature.
The Earth is calling for help.
Become a Naturevore, stand with the earth!

*United for Change* One of my favorite songs.

Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

I want you to remember two things today!

Firstly you have are the power.
Secondly ————————->

Enjoy the super moon tomorrow!

Big Love!!

Mama Donna

Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

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