Soil to Soul Entrepreneurial Traits

Traits of a Soil to Soul Entrepreneuse

Entrepreneurs are some of the most, powerful and successful people in the world, and to top it off, the wealthiest. Entrepreneurs can also be extremely dangerous if their powerful intentions are not intended to help solve the problems of the world.  Many of these dyslexic determined, persistent, self motivating, thinking out of the box individuals have changed the world as we know it. To mention just a few; Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Sir Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver the found of the Food Revolutions, Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop and Steve Jobs.

It has been proven that most dyslexic folks, even with all their quarks, make good problem solvers, are verbally articulate, have good leadership skills and have a knack for empowering others. 60% of all dyslexic’s are also diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

I happen to be dyslexic and been accused of being ADHD with no formal diagnosis. Having done enough research on the topics, and taken enough of the quizzes used as a tool to diagnose, I have an inkling that the accusers might be right.

As a well intended dyslexic serial entrepreneur since 1982, I have learned a bunch about what it means to be a Soil to Soul, social and ecological entrepreneur.

I have put together a list of some of the traits based on my studies and experiences.

Focused Visionaries- They never stop dreaming up ways to make things better. They understand that business is interconnected to everything, an integral part of the web of life. They are here to help save the planet….period.

Value and spend time in nature daily

They KNOW – from the bottom of their souls- who they are, what they love to do, and why they are doing what they do. They know how to figure out how to do it and then obsessively master it.

What’s In – They recognize that everything they do, bears a consequence including; what they put in their bodies, homes, relationships, their business, or anything. It’s not “what’s in it for me” mentality.

Stewards – They think like nature, observe the systems and cycles of nature. Caring and nurturing of both humanity and the planet.

Whole System Thinkers – make decision in the NOW, with regard to future outcomes. They see the whole project done before it even starts.

Use their Weakness as a strength – they identify their weaknesses and empower others who have the strength to complete the whole.

Appreciate – that a business or mission-driven service requires the support and knowledge of different types of people to sustain it. They hire and partner with people that are often more competent than they are in any particular area and they empower them by clearly communicating and not micro managing.

Knowledgeable – and never stop learning, they relentlessly focus and study current trends, and figure out how to reach integrated solutions. – Low tolerance for antiquated faulty systems.

Purpose –  is greater than themselves

Passionate – there passion is soulfully contagious generating unstoppable energy. They enjoy nothing more then sharing their passionate purpose.

Persistent and Devoted – Once they sink their teeth into their purpose they jump in and dig deep, no matter what it takes and how deep they have to dig.

Driven –They are driven by something nagging deep inside to make a positive difference and to serve. Their dreams drives them to master whatever they are working towards, and take the sequential steps to get there…. no matter what!

Thrive on Challenges – and the opportunity to find solutions to balance the economy with the ecology.

Creator’s not Consumers –They create with nature, health and economic concerns and Cultivating businesses that serve. They are Creative in every aspect of their business and value the importance of keeping things fresh and fermenting with the times.

Live life  with an attitude of gratitude

Peace of Mind – they know mindfulness is essential to both personal health and the health of their business.

Anti-pessimists – rise above unnecessary obstacles or distractions that stand in their way.

Self righteous to a fault sometimes- Can be a bear to live with

Can not tolerate small talk or gossip- They surround themselves with like-minded people and support each other’s dreams.

Adaptable – now that there is nothing constant in nature except change being flexible is key and an opportunity to grow.

Thrive on the notion that Challenges  + Change = Equals Opportunity,

Triple Bottom-line Thinkers –  they run their business and personal life using the triple bottom-line principles: For People, Planet and Profit. They believe they can have a  profitable business that can regenerate all three Ps. Motivated by the opportunity to make a profit, yet their first intention is to help make the world a better place

Collaborate – with other Soil to Soul minded Entrepreneurs with the understanding that working together is far superior to activate change. They intertwine supportive systems to build community, thriving healthy business ecosystems.

They are Instrumental and Intentional – determined to re-shaping a new economy and have no problem exposing the truth. They understand that the prosperity they receive from the efforts of their business will cultivate more opportunity for others to grow a conscientious economy.

 If you are an entrepreneur or wanabe one,  please feel free to add some of your redeeming traits in the comment box below.

The more we can support one another the more leaders with high integrity will come out of the box. 


I leave you with this quote from an amazing woman. Eleanor Roosevelt …. Her husband Theodore, president of the USA was dyslexic.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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