Recipe From A Tree

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Aloha Beautiful Souls,

By studying the rings of a tree we can better understand the life it had and can relate it to our own.
The rings show us when there were years of drought, and when there were years for growth.

We, too, are affected by our surroundings; the elements that make up our lives. When conditions are right we grow and expand. When a lack of love or nourishment befalls us, our growth is hindered.

A tree is rooted in one place. But we can move. We can quit our jobs, get out of a bad relationship, or do whatever it takes to move on.

All cycles in our life can offer major transformational shifts. Wisdom and resilience help us get through challenges that have the potential to permanently stunt our growth. The good news is: we have choices. When we understand and accept our roots, we are more resilient and able to move forward.

 Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul SolutionsSoil To Soul Solutions

As we move into the holiday season, consider the greatest gifts that you can give yourself and others.

Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions

When we explore the rings and the roots of our past, we gain a greater understanding. Understanding enables us to regenerate. 
We can renew whenever we choose by composting what does not serve us and nurturing what does. By focusing on a healthy mindset we can replenish and regenerate. We can heal the stunted year of our lives.

Recipe from a Tree

Stand tall and proud

Enjoy your natural beauty

Compost what does not serve you

Stay grounded, rooted

and grow at the same time

Strengthen your trunk

Nourish your core with rich microbial nutrients

Inhale and breathe deep

Exhale with gratitude

Drink plenty of water

Store some for the parched times

Branch out of your comfort zone

Enjoy the challenges

Go out on a limb for justice

Find your balance and strength

Get to the heart of the matter

Peel back the dried-up layers of bark

Maintenance is essential

Prune your mind and emotions

Do not fear the storms,

but prepare yourself for them

Bend with the wind

Embody new shapes

The strength to grow lies within, not externally

Enjoy the scent

of your flowers, and the diversity of others

Relish the flavor of different fruits

Share with the birds and the bees, and all you meet

Plant seeds of gratitude

Root new ideas in the appropriate ecosystem

Foster regenerative growth

Preserve and share the fruits of your labor

Allow yourself

to prosper from the abundance

When the wind is blowing

in the right direction

Let go and ascend

Plant a seed so someone
can breathe. Sit in the shade and enjoy the future.

 Soil To Soul SolutionsBig Love, 
Mama Donna

You’re Awesome

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