Principle #6 Health is Our Greatest Wealth

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Soil To Soul Principle #6

Health Is Our Greatest Wealth ~ Nourish the soil and your soul with restorative nutrients. Invest in physical, mental and spiritual health. Live a lifestyle that regenerates the world and its resources.

Aloha Beautiful Souls,

How do you define wealth?
What does health mean to you?

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Health is your greatest wealth so why not take care of yourself?

At nearly 60 years old, thankfully, I am happier and healthier than ever. I stay healthy by joyfully walking in Nature two times a day and jumping in the ocean often. My daily exercise includes both cardio and toning fitness. Being outside in the fresh air, I also gain mental and spiritual vitality, while alone or sharing with friends and loved ones.

Optimal health can be achieved when we find balance in physical, mental and spiritual health. The absence of pain and distress enables us to embrace our social well-being more freely.

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Physical activities can be a joy, not a chore. My dog Chester demands at least two big walks a day. Dogs, they are a great motivator.
A good rock and roll band is also a great motivator for me, burning up to 450 calories an hour while giving me ultimate mental joy to raise my spirit.

One of my other daily exercises is self-control. What I put in my body also keeps me fit[. I drink a detox toning tea daily.detox tea giving which gives my internal organs a health workout. A quart of warm water, apple cider vinegar with a touch of turmeric and ginger juice. Check out the recipe and mix it up to your liking.

When we are physically fit our bodies can function efficiently and effectively in work and play. A physically fit body is more resistant to disease more active and responds to emergency situations. When we are fit, we are more comfortable sitting still in meditation, or at a desk job.

Nourish the soil and your soul with restorative nutrients. Chewing lots of local organic produce & veggies keep my jaws and the land in shape.

The mental exercise of a daily mantra; food is my medicine; I am what I digest, helps me stay on track. When we invest time and energy into eating lighter and cleaner, we feel better which adds nourishment to our physical makeup and mental state of mind.

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Twenty years ago, I lost my way for a few LONG years and ate my way up to 205 pounds. An injury caused chronic pain and mental anguish. After years of study, observation, soul searching and determination I got back into balance. Spending time in nature, feeling the wind, sun and sometimes in the pouring rain, I was comforted and reminded of the bigger picture. Talking openly with friends was the ultimate comfort. Changing my eating habits, exercising more and taking time for myself were also key factors in recovery as was acknowledging small victories as mini miracles. Now whenever I am feeling down, I turn to Nature and friends for support ASAP, alleviating any long term mental anguish.

Mental health includes our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It affects our physical body, how we think, act, and feel. It also helps determine how we relate to others, handle stress, and make choices. Our state of mind influences the outcome of our short and long-term achievements and relationships.
Connect yourself with other health conscious creators and get healthy together.

Mental health is often overlooked and frequently over medicated. It shows up in anxiety causing panic disorders; Bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, Schizophrenia, substance abuse and addiction. When I was down in the dumps, I turned to food and overworked to mask my pain. Breaking the cycle of dependency was not easy and took three years to conquer my unsettled wellbeing as at that time, I did not have the tools to break the cycle.

Be mindful and clear any stress from the day.
It’s been proven that mental health can be enhanced by a daily mindfulness practice, whether it is

meditation and stretching time. Lying on my back on a gentle incline so the blood flows to my head and internal organs, I lift my leg up to the sky and walk towards the sky while doing gentle stretching exercises for 20 minutes. Lying on the earth in this position, I’m able to get into a calm place almost immediately. It is important, to be honest, and present with yourself.

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“The soul always hears an admonition in such lines, let the subject be what it may.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since the beginning of time, the human race has tapped into the spirit for answers. Overtime, moralistic religious differences have interfered with the essence of spirit. These controversial differences can put a wedge between relationships, families, communities, and countries making life stressful. Stress is the number one cause of dis~ease. Acceptance of others spiritual beliefs, and embracing our path, we can heal and help others heal.

The spiritual practice that gives me the most ease is to tap into a daily practice of communing with Nature. When outdoors, I’m reminded that all life has spirit, from the wild whale’s breaching to the domestic cows grazing on green pastures. Observing a spider make its intricate web tight and secure, gives me an appreciation for its life spirit. Where does the spider get its wisdom to create such a home that also captures its next meal?

I believe that the intangible spirit lives on after the physical body decomposes and metamorphoses back into the earth’s efficient system. As the body turns to tulips or tarantulas, this spiritual belief sheds light and reason for compassion for all life. After all, my spirit might find it’s next home in a dog or a spider.

Some people drink spirits to raise their spirits; others find the high in a church, a sacred space, or on a wilderness trail. No matter what you believe, your spirit has a profound effect on your daily health that bridges your emotions and brings character to your soul.

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We experience optimum health in our well-being when we are well-rounded and balanced, spiritually, mentally, and physically enabling us to live life as if the future really matters.

Take care of your health it is your greatest wealth.

Are you asking the bigger questions?
Do you devote yourself to a daily spiritual practice?
How strong is your connection with everything around you?

Spiritual health is achieved by knowing your place in the world, you’re worth and recognizing your passions. Live from your heart and follow your own individual path rather than trying to be someone else. When you listen to your intuition it guides you along your special one of a kind journey.

Feed your soul and the earth with nourishment by living a lifestyle that regenerates humanity and the earth

Soil To Soul Solutions

The Blue Zones Project is a great study offering solutions to add 10 happy healthier years to your life. Physical exercise, healthy engagement with loved ones (preferably out in Nature) and eating a balanced diet are cornerstones to maintaining mental health.

I wish to thank all of you for taking the time to read, comment and share my post and for checking out our other social media platforms for daily does of inspiration.

Big Love to YOU,


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