Principle #3: Know Your Truth

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Aloha Beautiful Souls,

First, I wish to thank those of you for the wonderful comments, questions and forwarding my post. It makes writing so much more fun and meaningful.

Soil To Soul Principle #3

Know your truth ~ Know WHO you are and WHAT you love to do with a purposeful WHY to manifest your dreams that embody your highest potential.

Soil To Soul Solutions

It’s awesome that we have the freedom and the ability to realize our deepest dreams, but first, we must identify them. For those of you who have, I congratulate you and encourage you to mentor others.

When I am coaching clients I ask them to ask themselves the following questions. Honest answers are a game changer.

▪ I’m living my truth when ———–
▪ My passions are ——————-
▪ My purposeful “why” is ——————–
▪ I feel best when I am doing —————–
▪ I feel best when I am with ——————
▪ I am the healthiest when I am —————–
▪ My growth is stunted when ————————-
▪ I find peace when ————-and replenish myself, so I can ———-
▪ I manifest my dreams to get to my highest potential by ———-

Do you take the time to know your truth?

When you embody your highest potential and love yourself, you are in a place to love and take care of others while having a positive impact on the world around you. Unhappy people living unfulfilling lives are usually blamers, drainers, and complainers. For sure that gets old ~Soil To Soul Solutions

It’s important to continuously tune into our desires and rediscover ourselves if we are to grow and regenerate goodness in the world.

Allowing ourselves to change is a game changer.

Each of us is as different as a snowflake; there is only one you in the world and a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.


Soil To Soul Solutions

Taking the time to silence your mind and turn inwards is a good place to start finding answers.

For me, entering into the abyss of nature is pure bliss. Here my scattered mind finds peace. Tuning into the songbirds, the texture of the wind and the scents of the earth guides my spirit. The natural world is where I find my truth, sense of self and purpose. When I am eating right and exercising, I find clarity.

Where do you find yours?

Soil To Soul Solutions

What we choose to do with our life becomes our personal manifesto.

When you discover who you are and what you’re purposeful why is, life becomes a harmonious flow leading you in the direction of your choosing. Synchronicities will begin to occur, and a variety of impactful events and situations will start to be attracted to you.

When we are in this place, the greatest gift we can give is to share our wisdom with others.

Love yourself, have compassion, share compassion, and find balance.

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Big Love

Mama Donna

Soil To Soul Solutions

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