Principle #2 Live In Harmony With Nature

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Soil To Soul Principle #2

Live In Harmony With Nature ~Respect, Replenish, Regenerate:

With reverence create a lifestyle, career, and culture that emphasize restoring the Earth and Yourself.

By dating the rocks in the ever-changing crust, as well as neighbors such as the moon and visiting meteorites, scientists have calculated that Earth is about 4.54 billion years old. In relation, humans have been around for only 6000 years. In the past 200 years, people have changed drastically having a tremendous impact on the planet. We have a lot to learn from the Earth and Nature.

Soil To Soul SolutionsSoil To Soul Solutions

Aloha beautiful souls,

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” **
– Albert Einstein

When I say, live in harmony with nature what comes to your mind? 
How about Respect, Replenish, Regenerate?

In the voice of the Native Hawaiians, and many other indigenous cultures a basic sovereign right is to connect with and honor the ‘aina, the land to create a sustainable future.

Soil To Soul Solutions

How important is it to have these basic rights, clean air and water, land and marine life, and wholesome food?

Most Indigenous people understand the relationship to the earth and how the land reveals a service relationship; not land serving people, rather people serving the land. This was the way to have these basic human rights.

Raising the awareness of indigenous cultures we see a lifestyle living within the systems and cycles of Nature. From the land to the sea there is a reciprocal relationship between people and Nature. We see a culture of love, respect and compassion to live in connection and embrace the native ecosystems.

Living in harmony with nature is done by embracing our place in the vast web of life with reverence and respect for all life, from the smallest microbe to the largest mammal ensuring a future for our offspring.

Every cycle of development
is different and affected by our surroundings and elements that make up our lives.
All the cycles in our life offer major transformational shifts. Wisdom and resilience help us get through challenges that may otherwise permanently stunt our growth. The good news is we have choices. A tree is rooted in one place but we can move, quit our jobs and get out of a bad relationship.

Studying the rings of a tree we can better understand its life and even relate it to ours. The rings show us whether there has been years of drought or lack of nourishment, as well as balanced times that offer exponential growth. When conditions are right we grow, when there is lack of love and nourishment our growth is hindered.

Soil To Soul SolutionsSoil To Soul Solutions

When understanding rooted, we can be resilient.

During tough times a tree innately knows the value of its roots. During a drought it will dig its roots deep to find new opportunities, moisture and nourishment, if not it might die.

Exploring the rings and the roots of our past, we can gain greater understanding enabling us to regenerate.

We can renew whenever we choose by composting what does not serve us and nurturing what does. Focused with a healthy mindset we can replenish and regenerate healing the stunted or malnourished year of our lives by moving forward with what is important.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Interweaving our lifestyle with respect for the miraculous systems and cycles of nature is essential to replenish the Earth and gain personal and financial prosperity. When we feast on clean air, water, and food we have the mindset to replenish the soil and our soul.

Stepping into the natural world away from the constant noise of everyday life and society, we can replenish.

What do you do to replenish yourself so you can regenerate?

Soil To Soul SolutionsSoil To Soul Solutions

Do you live a lifestyle, have a career, and culture that emphasizes restoring the Earth and yourself?

Did you know that our lives can be extended when we take care of ourselves and do what we love?
When we take care of the Earth, it’s life is extended too.

I have chosen a career coaching others to become the best version of themselves using the Culinary Healing Arts and the wisdom of nature as modalities to serve others. Through this process, I also get the opportunity to Replenish & Regenerate.

Daily I replenish myself by walking in nature, eating healthy food, and doing what I enjoy with those that I love replenishing my being so I am fit to regenerate.

As an Eco Bohemian, I believe we all have a unique powerful life force with the ability to break free of conventional dogma. Life is to be respected; it is a gift meant to be enjoyed, cherished and celebrated. What we contribute to the world today will be remembered in the hearts and minds of others, so with all due respect, what we do does matters.

Soil To Soul SolutionsRespect: A deep admiration and reverence for yourself, others, and the gifts from the earth.

Replenish: To fill up and restore, recharge with~ sleep, clean air, water, food, positive people, and thoughts.

Regenerate: To respect, replenish the Earth, and body and share this wisdom with others; give more, take less.

Harmony & Journey

This vast web of life moves in a continuous circle from life to death and back to life. Death is the cycle of life that transitions into the regenerative process. Everything in Nature including us, (as we are Nature), lives, dies and recycles back to life. After all, we are still drinking the same water the dinosaurs drank and a tree cycles from seed to a decomposing log as it transforms back to the soil.

Even Our Souls

Nearly every religion concurs that our soul goes into the conscious presence somewhere after our physical body turns back to the soil. Whether it be the Lord or a frog, it is human nature to have faith.


Soil To Soul Solutions

Live life as if the future matters and regenerate that good vibration out into the universe.

Big Love                                                                        

Mama Donna

The Original Eco Bohemian

Soil To Soul Solutions

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