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Aloha Beautiful Souls,

Happy New Year

What Does the New Year Mean to You?

How do you feel about this New Year, 2017? Is it just another day, another year? Are you hopeful, optimistic, complacent, frustrated? Do you have New Year’s resolutions and dreams? Is the plan to go on a diet, break old unforgiving habits, or shake loose the dust that weighs you down? Are you all excited to continue on the path you set this year and bring it forward into the next year in a bigger way?

The New Year can be a time to weigh in on the gifts and heartaches we have received over the past year. To rehash the past, compost what does not serve us and bring forth the best, multiplying the goodness in the New Year.

Soil To Soul Solutions

For me, the New Year comes with great excitement to continue on the path I have set this year. To build on the positive and let go of what did not serve me. I am grateful beyond words.

When I reflect upon 2016, I’m astounded how fast this year has gone. This year has brought me closer to my loving husband, 32 years together, and I got to celebrate the joy in our grandaughter turning two. It is also the year we launched Soil to Soil Solutions and online Hub of talented artists, authors, musicians and entrepreneurs striving to preserve our world through their talents. I also got my second book off to a fantastic editor and this Spring will publish “The Life of an Eco Bohemian” Interconnecting From The Soil to the Soul.
There is so much to look forward

Soil To Soul Solutions

My affirmation for this year is, “I am in alignment with my soul and its purpose.”

What is yours?

I will remind myself that I feel younger, healthier and happier as I welcome 2017. I have chosen to live my life like the future matters every day, so no need for a list of resolutions.

I am also completely invested in creating a life of freedom from fear and judgement.

What will you remind yourself? What will you invest in?

Soil To Soul Solutions

After indulging in some holiday cheers,

I will do a two-week detox. (I modify the food plan in the link provided based on the regional foods)

Maybe you wish to join me?

Along with eliminating refined sugar and flour, I’m keen on extinguishing negative thoughts. I’ll eat mostly fruit and vegetables, including fermented vegetables, and continue my routine of hiking twice daily in nature, a plunge in the ocean and double my dose of gratitude.

I will add in extra organic Apple Cider Vinger and drink a Delight Healthy Beverage three times a day.

Apple Cider Delight Drink Recipe:

• 1 quart of water
• 4 Tbsp. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother, the chunks of stuff floating in the jar)
• 4 Tbsp. Lemon juice
• 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
• 1 pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
• 4 Tbsp. Honey (local raw honey)

Makes: 8 cups

Dissolve cinnamon, cayenne, honey, and lemon in hot water (stir well). Add apple cider vinegar to the mixture. Consume right away for a hot beverage, or cool, and store in an airtight jar for an iced detox drink ready at any time. The beverage will be rather concentrated, so drink small cups or mix in water if it is too strong for your liking. Will last for up to a week in the refrigerator.
You can get creative with the Apple Cider Delight Drink, adding in fresh ginger, turmeric, cucumber slices, berries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, fresh fennel…, etc.

Soil To Soul Solutions

Here are some reminders to make this year and years to come more rewarding:

Live with Gratitude and act with Grace
Compost what does not serve you and Plant seeds of change
Do more of what you love to do, incorporate those things in your life without hesitation or question
Focus on and Nurture the positive ~ Rejoice in the growth
Invest in your well-being, taking care of your body, mind, and spirit
Live your life like the future matters, from the depth of your soul
Give more than you take
Unconditionally help others and the Earth
Spend quality time in Nature ~ respect all life
Smile from the inside out

Double Your Vision

Soil To Soul Solutions

Wishing YOU a Happy Healthy New Year, full of abundance, grace, and integrity.

Soil To Soul Solutions

Double your vision, and remember that >>>>>>>>>>>>

Big Love

Mama Donna

“Why Retire When I Can Inspire”

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  1. Howie says:

    Hi Donna
    If u start the beverage with a quart, 4 cops of water, and you add 4Tbs each lemon juice and a.c. vinegar, you have 4.25 cups, not a half gallon.
    Gonna try this one tomorrow. Great presentation at the hfuu meeting

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