Is it possible to work together?

Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

Aloha Beautiful Souls,

How can we work together to build a just world for all of us?
It starts with us remembering that we are the people!

Soil To Soul Solutions

The outcome of the election may have got you down,or up.
Regardless its time for us to UNITE and stand up for what’s right.

->Make our voices heard.<-
We are the People!

Spending time bumming out or gloating about an election will not solve anything.
*When we are angry we fight. When we are right, we prevail.*

The world can seem overwhelming leaving us with good reason to feel powerless. Did my vote matter? What next? From unsettling wars to social and ecological injustices, addiction, wrongful convictions, the list of uncertainty can leave us feeling desperately empty.

“How can I possibly make a difference?”

Life is complicated and to think it can be simplified is a misnomer.
All life is interwoven into a web of mysterious depth and distance, from the past to the future, and presently most are living in a disconnected world.

Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

Here’s the deal, we hold the power when we speak up and take action.

The best part is, when we do, we feel better.

As Bioneersco-founder and CEO Kenny Ausubel said “We’re living in a time of great awakening: the realization that everything is connected — that ecological healing and social justice are one notion, indivisible. We can have peace with the Earth only when we practice justice with each other, a process that will never end.”

There are so many worthwhile causes to put our good intentions too.

Soil To Soul Solutions

Throughout my career as a lover of life, passionate, purposeful, Soil to Soul Entrepreneur, avid researcher, and now as an author, health, and business coach, I continue to witness the tremendous impact that politics and business have on our fragile web of life. I have also seen many wise, courageous and active people, communities, and businesses around the world achieving positive results as they interweave respect for the Earth.

We see all across the world arise in consciousness shift into a new paradigm, and this is only the beginning. There is a growing movement of extraordinary heroic leaders and business leadership striving to regenerate human nature and nature by redesigning systems and cycles with ecology, education, and the economy in mind.

What would the world look like if everyone lived like the future mattered?

Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

Often forgotten is that everything in life is interconnected yet each life is as different as each raindrop, each grain of sand; insignificant alone, yet together a waterfall, a sandy beach. Like the mycelium that spreads its web underground connecting ecosystems to ecosystems; the sum is greater than its parts. Pioneering naturalist John Muir observed that “when you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world.” Living life, intertwined with the miraculous systems and cycles of nature is essential to regenerate the Earth and our well being. When we feast on clean air, water, and food we replenish our soul.

We are the People and we deseve these Human Rights.

Soil To Soul Solutions

A species can only thrive if its strategies are tuned to the conditions it’s in—and if it’s in beneficial relationships with others. We are always better together than alone.

With all the disturbances, challenges, and tensions between and among’st us the opportunities to become a force for love and justice are endless. It’s time to calm down and take action. To stomp out overwhelm, helplessness, isolation, and to ban together.

We learn from Nature to adapt to changing conditions, to be resilient and take root where we belong. To stand tall and to defend with integrity, the web of life. Make YOUR VOICE be HEARD. When we come from the heart, we become part of the solution.

Soil To Soul Solutions

We live on a vibrant planet that offers solutions to every problem we have. When we learn from the wisdom of the earth we can thrive. As we all collectively navigate this time of great change ahead, I encourage you to continue to look to nature. To be a voice for nature. Gather with others to enjoy long walks, star gaze and imagine the possibilities and take action. You bring so much to the world when you are positive, active, honest and loving.
When you care enough to stand up for what is right.

The world is starving for more wholehearted leadership and innovative solutions.

Get outside—enjoy it, learn from it, protect it and live like the future matters.

Soil To Soul Solutions

Big Love

Mama Donna

Remember ……….>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

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