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Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions

With the elections right around the corner creating division in our country, communities and in some cases even among friends and family, what can you do to stay sane and true to your values?

It’s time to ELECT to FREE your Mind of Toxins!!
You can do this by implementing neuroplasticity into your life!

Soil To Soul Solutions

Maintaining A Positive Mindset:

You might not be able to change someone else’s mind, but you can change yours! Being positive, healthy, and living by example is the best way to change anything. Fighting and trying to change someone else can really bring you down. Election time can put extra strain on relationships. Differences can cause us to snap into a heated argument. The best advice I can share with you is to agree to disagree. Sometimes it is necessary to walk away when the exchange becomes a drain. Take care of yourself, and live your truth! It’s up to each of us to walk our talk. Gather with like-minded friends and people for support. Create or be part of an ecosystem of positive change. Nurture those relationships and the movement becomes stronger. What you feed will grow. What we feed our brains will reflect in our judgments and actions.

Soil To Soul Solutions

At a time when we’re constantly bombarded by propaganda campaigns it’s essential to take care of your brain. Elect to be FREE from judgment. This means taking care of our whole being ~ body, mind, soul. Eat good, exercise, meditate and speak from your heart.
Remember that your health is your greatest wealth!!

Music is an excellent remedy to bring harmony into your mind and life
Check out these revolutionary tunes that have helped me stay sane during election time
Playing for Change United
John Lennon Imagine

Other times silence may be the best choice to take

Soil To Soul Solutions

Changing your Brain ~ the way you look at things, and someone. …

I choose to vote for unity and justice for all. To feed love NOT fear; unfortunalty not found on a ballet. Whatever the outcome of this election, remember each act we take and how we serve and treat one another is what wins. How does it feel to Wrap your brain around that?

Allow the guidance of mother nature into your love and choose to vote for love.
Change starts from within and expands outwards, its time we stop looking to others to fix our problems.

By taking responsibility we become empowered.
Be part of the solution not the pollution!!

Come back to nature and free yourself

Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

Mahalo from the island of Hawaii

Remember that you are the power, us the people hold this whole system together.
Do you need leaders to direct your life or will you lead yourself?

Free your mind of toxins 🙂

Big Love
Mama Donna

Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions Soil To Soul Solutions
Soil To Soul Solutions

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