How can we responsibly nourish all the people, the flora and the fauna in theworld? Any Idea’s?

“Great minds discuss Ideas, Average minds discuss events, Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the most pertinent question to ask; how can we responsibly nourish all the people, the flora and the fauna in the world? Any Idea’s?

What if you could weave the business of your life into an economic system that supports regenerative enterprises for a healthier environment? The ecology of our lifestyle is part of the determining factor of humanity. How we live our life determines the survival of all species including the human species.  Gobbling up finite resources for personal gain without taking into consideration the health of our planet and future generations is not sustainable nor responsible.

Martin Luther King stated “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”  When we are caught we are trapped like a wild animal in a cage only knowing the confinements of our existence. Captivity can lead to anger, depression or worse when the truth unfolds of an unfulfilled life. We can get disconnected. Is it somehow acceptable and encouraged to be complacent, and to accept that we will not escape?

Giving back is the greatest gift of all when we truly understand what we are giving. Taking from future generations to give a material gift is not the same as giving of your love and time to someone. Taking from others or resources that are excessive is unsustainable in both relationship and survival.  We are all interconnected. Balance is essential to continue the web of life.  All our actions have significant consequences to the garment of destiny.

There are a greedy few that obsess for profits at the sake of our starving planet. Most people are unaware of the consequences of their actions as the economy is manipulative of our needs, wants and desires. It is up to us to get educated to what is in everything we buy. Becoming aware of how our actions affect the entire ecological system and other nations around the earth, we can make conscious choices for a healthy life and planet. Living a life interconnected to all life on earth, we will have a positive impact on the future of our world.

Soil to Soul is a voice for people and the planet. Planting seeds of love, compassion, abundance and joy mixed in with reality. Honoring the systems and cycles of nature and adapting this model for transformation will contribute to a healthy world. The interconnectedness between a healthy body, thriving economy and ecology depends on this. Effervescent opportunities and meaningful relationships are just around the corner.

It is our turn to give back to Mother Nature, to nurture her and in the process soulfully nurture ourselves, our relationships, which will inevitably nurture future generations.

Big love to you…

Give of your love and your time this Holiday Season and Enjoy time in Nature

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