A Whopping 65% of all New Jobs are Created by Small Businesses

These dogs mean business! 

So why is small business dying and the economy sliding?

Business has changed the world faster than anything since the Ice Age! It is essential to interconnect business with the systems and cycles of nature. Economy and ecology are codependent and must learn to coexist if the human species is to exist. However, business attempts to control our economy, the government, healthcare, education, religion, environment, and the world! Ultimately, nature has the final say.

Most business people do not acknowledge the essential role nature plays in our existence.It’s time for our species to wise up and rise up, for each and everyone of us to recognize that our personal business has an enormous impact on big business and the rest of the world. It’s time for more small changemaking business’s to come alive and thrive.

The book that I am writing is targeted to the millennial generation and the baby boomer generation. In 2015 the U.S. Census Bureau did a study comparing the two generations in the workforce. Plain and simple, more Millennials are living in poverty, disconnected from nature, and fewer are employed compared to Baby Boomers in 1980. Yet more Millennials have college degrees.

According to Gallup Inc., America currently ranks 12th in small business innovation (we used to be number one). This is crippling the economy and human creativity. Economic energy originates when a new business starts or a small business shoots up. Startups and “shootups” determine America’s economic fate. According to the Small Business Administration, a whopping 65% of all new jobs are created by small businesses. Gallup goes on to say that the GDP growth is the most important metric to watch for in rebuilding the middle class. GDP is the sum of all sales and production of everything we buy and sell and make. If America were a company, our sales (GDP) would be $17 trillion, with a 100 million full-time employees. Worldwide GDP is $78 trillion. America’s share of the world’s economy has been about 25%, which has made it the dominant leader of the world. That leadership is in decline, America’s GDP has to grow at a minimum of 2.5% or we go broke!

From the soil to the soul I offer fresh effervescent direction to the reader. It is a shout out to all innovators, entrepreneurs and passionate people no matter what generation to start up, shoot u, and make a positive difference in the world.

To the Baby Boomer generaton I like to say, “Why retire when I can inspire?”

Applying these principles into everyday life, some of the most challenging problems can be solved.

The 14 Soil to Soul Principles for a Richly Lived Life

The Soil to Soul principles embraces a whole systems approach to business and life, motivated by solutions to regenerate our planet and our bodies. Everything runs with systems and cycles, including the 12  major systems of our bodies, accounting systems, education systems, political systems, and the operating systems of our electronics. The soil, the sun and the solar systems and all things have systems and cycles.

The cause and the effect of our actions, affects all the systems and cycles on the earth. A cause is why something happens. An effect is what happens. Why we do something, and what we do, does make a difference.

Everything is interconnected – Each and every body, mind, soul, relationship, environment and economy affect the fragile web of life which connects all life. Incorporate the innate wisdom of the systems and cycles of nature, ferment the intelligent conscience that ecological well-being will benefit people and the planet.

Connect! Be in harmony with nature – Replenish. Create a lifestyle, career, and culture that emphasizes regenerating nature and yourself. Nature is not invincible and neither are you. You are nature. Live life from the depth of your soul, feel and listen to your gut. Know who you are, what you love to do, and why.

Health is your greatest wealth, so nourish yourself – A healthy mind, body and soul generates the essential energy and stamina necessary to contribute to a fertile world. Align your life and career with a healthy mission, passion and purpose.

Contribute, enrich and create community – Wholeheartedly invest in every aspect of life as a “giver” not a “taker,”  as part of the solution, not the pollution. Being of service is soulfully gratifying, contributing to health and wealth. Study nature’s communities, even parasites have there place.

Understand the cause and effect of your actions – Recognize that our choices are affecting future generations and our offspring. Human behavior impacts our Earth. The time to address this is now!

Be part of transforming the economy and ecology – Create and support ecologically-minded businesses that stimulate the local economy and growth of ecology. Companies that provide living wages, equality, and those developing innovative products and services. Focus on regenerating nature, our greatest asset.

Collaborate – Unite with like-minded individuals and businesses to craft and leverage innovative beneficial change, biodiversity, and working together in harmony. Competition is old school, make new rules and work together!

The past history is no mystery – Reference the past to improve the future.

The present is a gift, not to be missed – Be mindful with soulful purpose. Appreciate fully the gifts present in every moment. Plant gratitude, this changes the attitude.

The future is abundant not redundant – Focus on essential solutions that cultivate a world where all species, large, small, and those yet to evolve, can thrive.

Mentors are essential – In every decade, elders offer wisdom, just as the younger generations bear inspirational, fresh ideas. “Sharing is Caring,” a 21st Century Value. We all bestow wisdom and have gifts to offer.”

Become a lifelong learner – Be an expert in your field, this requires a dedication to education, and sharing.  “Knowledge fertilizes wisdom. Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur

Imagine if all beings, entrepreneurs and businesses respectively implemented these principles!

Why resist soulful intentions? What we Resist Will Persist. The impact of the ecology of our lifestyle and the culture of business has been underestimated long enough. It’s time to add in more healthy bacteria to the soil our guts and our souls. Hence, thrive!

I am a voice for nature, a Soil to Soul serial dyslexic entrepreneur, lover of life full of passion and purpose.

Big love D

Soil To Soul Solutions

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