Gut 102: Getting Your Gut Back in Balance


“Let food be thy medicine.”-Hippocrates



In our last blog, Gut 101: Where It All Starts, we were introduced to our gut in a way that we’ve probably never thought about it before. In this blog, we’re going to take it a step further and get our guts back into balance.


Is it greed, profits, or lack of knowledge?

Why have food manufactures and pharmaceutical companies created the demand for additive nutrient-void foods?


It’s obvious that force-feeding the world an artificial diet is making us sick. Most of the products that the food and drug companies produce are progressively eroding mental and physical health while misusing valuable resources from the earth. Just think about the resources, the trees, and fossil fuel, used to make the pink packaging, and the neon pink product, Pepto Bismol, a leading antacid brand promising the relief for an upset stomach due to overindulging in a diet of processed addictive foods.  It’s a sick cycle.


So how did we get to this place? That’s a very long story, but in a nutshell a lot changed during the World Wars and the Industrial Revolution.  Understandably, processed foods were instrumental in getting rations to the soldiers. The innovative technology created to temporary feed the soldiers became mainstream and has continued to evolve, as has escalating health problems. Just fifty years ago there was virtually no Type 2 diabetes in children. Obesity was rare as were many of the chronic illnesses that we have today.  All of these diseases, and most disorders, can be minimized or eliminated if business shifted their focus on making people healthy versus being in the business of making people sick!


Since natural farming systems turned to chemical agricultural systems the vital nutrients from the soil have been increasingly depleting. The majority of food companies, at the expense of our health, have convinced the masses that cheap processed food is the best option. Because of this, the essential bacteria required for proper digestion have been depleted.   Large pharmaceutical companies work hand-in-hand with the industrial food complex; both industries capitalizing on poor health.


So, what do you put in your gut?  Where did it come from? How was it made? Packaged? And transported? EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY has an impact on the environment as well as your personal health. The process of growing and preparing the food or products that you put in and on your body directly affects your health, the soil, the economy, and our future generations.


There are many things you can do to buck the system and stay healthy.

What you choose to eat has a major impact on your microflora which is essential to a healthy digestive and immune system. I agree with Dr. Mercola, and so many other professionals, that the ideal way to optimize your gut flora is to include fermented foods in your daily diet. One serving of fermented vegetables can contain 10 trillion colony-forming units of a variety of healthy bacteria! Commercial probiotics supplements are not nearly as effective and much costlier.

It’s important to understand that you only get so many chances to stay healthy before you are at the mercy of big business and medical bills. Like soil, which takes 200-400 years to make, your gut is not renewable in your lifetime. The reality is some people get so sick they have to have part of their digestive system cut out. We are not chameleons; it will not grow back like a lizard’s tale.


The good news is we can repair our gut flora by adding in healthy probiotic foods. Just like we amend the soil using compost, you can amend your gut flora enabling you to live a healthy life.


Our gut is where we renew our resources. If you have ever taken antibiotics, use antibacterial soap, peel your vegetables, and avoid bacteria at all costs it’s time to get back to basics.  We have been indoctrinated by society that bacteria are bad and means infection. They key is to get more of the healthy bacteria in our guts.



In the next blog we will cover the art of fermentation and I will give you recipes to make your life more effervescent.


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