We live in a society that attempts to takes away our power and teaches us to underestimate own strengths. It’s sometimes easier to forget that we have within us the ability to hone in on our gifts, formulate a purpose, and execute our desires when we choose too. It takes a concerted affort to buck a system, to swim upstream, to go against the grain, to leave the pack to form a new.

When you find something you are passionate about, and love to do, how does it make you feel? Great  —  right? So why not spend more time doing what gives you joy? I know there are a least a 100 reasons why you can’t. “Don’t have time, no money or vehicle to get around, your not smart enough, your parents told you that it’s impossible, etc.. Whatever the excuse maybe, they are getting in the way of your joy.

When you are doing what you enjoy, you are happy and chances are you are healthy, hence, you make healthier choices for yourself, those around you, and for the planet.

Nature changes so can we

If you are making excuse for your life, I suggest you read Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer. His impactful words delivers serious reason to inspire you to turn your life around. Wayne Dyer, was a brilliant scholar and spiritual leader, who reminds us, “When you’re at peace with your life and in a state of tranquility, you actually send out a vibration of energy that impacts all living creatures, including plants, animals and even babies.”

How many people do you know who are at peace with themselves, truly happy? When you are at peace you are joyful and your intentions reverberate like a pebble in a still pond. Most folks battle with themselves way too much, fester on self centered menuisier which takes away from living a life of service and satisfaction. This is not a recipe for a successful.

To be in a state of peace is paramount for us to self actualize and to make a difference in the world. Do whatever it takes. I know it’s easier said than done…right? It can be done, and it must be if you are going to see a shift in yourself and the world you live in. Maybe you are already there and helping others reach this place in themselves, if so, more power to ya! I’d like to blog about you and your experiences. Supporting one another is also paramount. Collaboration for peace is essential to shift the universal energy that is so desperately needed.

Life is so gratifying when you can be part of the solution and not the pollution.

It has been said if you want to be successful, hang around at least five successful people, if you want to be healthier do the same. This goes for being at peace with yourself, and anything for that matter. Who do you hang with?

It can be pretty scary to change even if you are miserable. Things like; moving to to a new place, finding different friends, being out of work, changing jobs, starting a new company, taking charge of your health, changing your diet, detoxing your body. The process of change might come with discomfort.  It takes time, persistence, and the willingness to adapt. Nothing in nature is constant except change so be prepared for changes within the change.

Remember, It’s your choice to change.

“Over your lifetime you will experience multiple meals at many tables.

It’s up to you whether you eat or not.”

This metaphor stands the test of time.

I offer you my favorite Recipe for Change-

Time: as long as it takes          Temperature: It’s up to you

  1. Gathering the delicious ingredients in your life, make peace with the past, cherry pick the best memories, toss the rotten stuff.

  2. Resurrect the mentors that instilled in you that life is abundant, fun, enlightening, real, challenging, and forever changing.

  3. Find new mentors that inspire you

  4. Choose friends and colleagues that are supportive and let go of the rest. A positive mindset attracts those with a positive mindset, your vibe attract your tribe.

  5. Focus on what you love to do, study it, master it, immerse yourself and figure out how to earn a living doing what gives you joy.

  6. Live in a climate that suits your body

  7. Spend time in nature everyday

  8. Honor and work with your systems and cycles

  9. Focus on your strengths- Be part of the change you wish to see in the world

  10. Eat a diet that is healthy and right for your body type, one that is in alignment with what is good for the planet.

  11. Exercise everyday doing something you enjoy; dance, hike, ride a bike, whatever… just do it!

  12. Tend your inner garden-Mindfulness Matters, either meditate, take a walk in nature or anything to clear your mind each and every day

  13. Be a Giver not a Taker. People who serve humanity live richer fuller lives.

  14. Look at life through a lens of gratitude. A life lived with gratitude changes your attitude.

Stir up all these ingredients and see what happens. Tweek and change your recipe when necessary.  As you develop and age, so will your recipe. As you change so will everything around you.

In nature, the seasons change and so much more.

Study nature and there you will find the truth about Human Nature. 

Life can be euphoric most all the time. Yea, shit happens, yet If you are joyful and healthy you are resilient. Nature proves this everyday. Sure, sometimes you will get uprooted, blown away by a storm of unexpected circumstance, we all do, you are not alone. Like a squirrel that stores its acorn, or a homesteader that puts up their food for winter, we too must have our own reserves and options. When you follow the recipe above you will be better prepared for whatever circumstances lies ahead.

Let us remember that within us lies a vast reserve of untapped strength, courage and desire. Allow your deep seeded revelations to turn to positive transformation.

Today, after all, is the first day of the rest of your life.

Big Love D

Soil To Soul Solutions

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