A Recipe Guaranteed to Improve Your Life

Essential Ingredents 

  • Make Peace with the Past

  • Let go of blame and victimhood.

  • Know who you are

  • Know what you love to do

  • Add in the WHY-(your purpose) to what you love to do

  • Then Google it

  • Make it happen!

  • Be a lifetime learner

Every morning I read from a little book published in 1983 and written by two amazing woman, Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg called The Promise of a new Day. One of my favorite quotes, “The ground of forgiveness and compassion is fertile, from it comes my harvest of the future.”

 A bad experiences is not a self-fulfilling prophecy for your future. Blame is a drain! Looking at anything in your past with resentment and blame will inevitably holds you back from the burning desire to live the life you deserve.The adversities you’ve experienced in your life do not define who you are nor do they have to shape your destiny. On the contrary, appreciating those milestones are behind you, you have the freedom to move forward.

Pay attention to the stories of your roots but do not let them define who you are. Branch out, sprout, blossom and spread your seeds.

We all have within us the power to heal, develop, and overcome old negative patterns and beliefs, to be our authentic selves. Freedom comes with making peace with your past and the knowledge that you truly have the choice to be all you wish to be. Unleash any old habits and scripts that are self sabotaging, ditch childhood woulds, shoulds, and coulds.  Rebel against the expectations of others that don’t resonate with your true being. Martha Graham puts it perfectly, “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.

Accept the past and rearrange your future.

History is no mystery, reference the past only to improve the future and you are on the right path to improve your life. To know who you truly are, not what someone else thinks you should be, is a liberating. The best part is you have a choices. You can add in more healthy bacteria any time, re-writing your life story through a different lens.  Why not choose to live an effervescent life, free to love and learn.

One of my favorite mentors is Louise L. Hay, founded Hay House Publishing when she was 60! She is known for her powerful work with affirmations and her innate wisdom. She chose to inspire, not retire. I cherish these words from her, “No person, no place, and nothing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives. Learn from the past and let it go. Live in today.”

When you choose to free yourself from all the excuses that shackle your true purpose, you can thrive! How you choose to live is up to you.

It is your business, how you go about your personal business.

As Mahatma Gandhi says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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