How to Be Part of the Solution Not the Pollution

The Apple Tree is Rooted in Business-

Interconnection our species to the rest of life can be challenging especially when it comes to business but it can be done. The connection of our species to the rest of nature has been lost in our vast complex nutrient deficient economy. Western civilization has focused too much on building unconscious capitalism, rather than building, community, personal character and a future for generations to come.

The Solution; cultivate a fertile mindset focused on solutions, then put your desired roots into action with the notion….. that our mind, body spirit, and souls, our relationships, the environment, and the economy are all part of the whole. Everything we do affects the fragile web of life which connects us all. If nature is not healthy humans can not survive.

Nature is not invincible. You are nature.

Take care of yourself, take care of nature in all your actions.

The Business of an Apple Tree- A tree can not survive without roots, and the roots of the tree can not survive without soil, the soil cannot survive without all the insects, worms, microorganisms, and fungi. When the soil is teeming with life the whole tree thrives. The systems and cycles of the tree adapt and change with the seasons. The leaves turn to soil, the buds to flowers, the flowers to seeds. One apple seed turns into a tree that bears an abundance of fruit for 40 years! (That’s longer than most people’s careers.) All from one seed planted in healthy soil with proper maintenance. When the tree dies, it eventually turns to soil and the cycle continues. We have a lot to learn from an apple tree, from all of nature.

So back to business. If we are conscious of what we plant, and how we care for it, the benefits are abundant in a 40 year career. What will you plant and how you maintain it makes all the difference. If you plant positive intentions in your business endeavor it will grow and thrive if you maintain it…. and if you plant toxic intentions, imagine the consequences.

Examples: Take a Beauty Salon devoted to a whole systems approach of beauty inside and out. They use all pure and natural ingredient and incorporates recommendations of good nutrition, exercise, communication and mindfulness as it all effects your beauty, even your hair; versus the typical Beauty Salon found most everywhere offering a haircut, perm, hair dye and a cocktail of chemical products and services. Thats enough to make me go grey just thinking about it.

Another example: Natural Farming that nurtures the soil or chemical farming that takes from the soil.

Planting seeds of change affects future generations. What will you plant and how will you take care of it? Imagine you lifestyle and career in alignment with what you love, meaningful friendships and relationships, all are your right of passage.  There is so much good being done in the world amongst the chaos that most are focused on. Within us, we all have the nutrients to change, and grow.

So I ask; why work a dead end job that you do not like so you can afford to buy something you do not need? That is the corruption of the mind-the inflated American Dream, shoveled down our throats every day. The dangling carrot, the tempting forbidden apple saying take me!…  MORE and MORE is not the solution if you are not doing what services you, humanity or the Gaia. What does success truly mean to you? I undersatand how hard it is to decipher with all the noise around us, the internet, our phones the TV… “signs, signs everywhere, signs saying do this don’t do that, can’t you read the signs.”

Consider the benefits of branching out, listen to your internal signpost of desire. It take courage to get out of our own way. Freedom from the judgement of the exterior world is liberating. Wean off – leaning on, your parents or anyone you are dependent on for your happiness, and well being- including how much $ is in your bank account. This will set you free. Ask yourself; Are you rooted in your truth?  The expression “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree” is just an expression. If you are around rotten apples you will rot for sure.

To be a creator and not a taker, takes a focused effort. I encourage you to study all those that are, and have been, committed to positive solutions.  Start by googling what you are interested in, find the careers and mentors that inspire you. Immerse yourself every spare minute. Transiting can take time, its up to you how much time. If the condition are right a tree grows faster and so will you. Why Rot?

From the depth of my soul, the roots of my being, I hope my words inspire you to be part of the solution and not the pollution. Think of the fertile rewards of joining a growing movement to regenerate ecology and humanity while doing what you are meant to do.

I will support you through my blog posts anyway I can. Do not hesitate to contact me. Please leave a comment and I will respond. In the meantime, dig deep into the loamy humus of your life, spread your roots and grow into who you wish to be. Just think, most tree roots are found in the top 18 Inches of the soil, just beneath the surface. Healthy trees have extensive root systems. What is just beneath the surface of your being? How extensive are your dreams?

 I share with you one of my favorite insights from  Buddha

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.”

Soil To Soul Solutions

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