Business has changed the world faster than anything except the Ice Age.

If done with the right intention, business have the power to reverseclimate change, stop wars, alleviate racial and religious tension and so much more. What the world needs now besides “Love Sweet Love” are more conscious capitalists …..not capitalists pigs

This dyslexic restaurateur / entrepreneur, has something to share and I am so glad YOU care.

 It’s almost impossible to determine how many millions of small, medium, and large businesses that are currently running the world, and our lives.  We live in a home built by a business, drive a car manufactured by business, eat food grown by business. Education, religion and politics are all controlled primarily by business… get my point. Time for humanity to wise up and rise up.

Business is responsible for a lot of damage done to humanity and the earth, especially over the past two centuries. This includes our personal business. There has also been tremendous strides made towards conscious capitalism. The Soil to Soul Blog is devoted to promote those change makers and to inspire you to jump on board. If you are reading this and doing something epic in the business world to help make the world a better place, please let me know so I can blog about you!

Running a company that is focused on regenerative solutions with the objectives to improve the health of the planet and the local economy is not common practice, nor the easiest thing in the world to do. I know this for sure! Since 1982, when I began my serial soil to soul entrepreneurial careers, my passion and purpose has been to turn people on to the importance of producing and eating, “Food for People and the Planet.”  This tagline has accompanied me throughout all my businesses, from cafe to building a national organic chocolate company under the AH!LASKA brand.  For sure, moral agony seeped in when hard decisions were made that went against my better judgment. Like I said, it’s not easy, then again, nothing worth living for is.

 Interconnecting people, planet and profit in business is vitally important to build a nutrient dense economy and ecology for future generations. If people truly understood that all life depends on the Earth’s resources then they will choose to make choices that nurtures humanity and Mother Earth – not just the bottom line.

 When we put junk food into our bodies what happens? When we feed our minds and souls negative thoughts, what happens? When we put toxins into our soils what happens? When we put toxic businesses into our economy what happens?

Start, grow, and support only businesses that are devoted to cultivate regenerative solutions to improve the health of the planet and the local economy. Future generations of all species small and large and yet to evolve are counting on us to prevent the next Ice Age or Heat Age.

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