Who Are We?: Subliminally Mentoring Entrepreneurship at an Early Age

How do we become who we are?


My father wasn’t just a dentist and a wonderful dad, he was also an entrepreneur.  In addition to his growing dental practice, he operated his own dental laboratory. My grandfather, who was also a dental entrepreneur, invented a unique, affordable bridge system.

My dad embraced the business model and together, father and son, expanded the invention. It was an innovative method that was contrary to what they taught in dental school and allowed more folks to be able to afford bridge work. Pretty cool!

Soil To Soul Solutions

My dad- my first mentor for business and entrepreneurship

After my grandfather passed away, dad diversified and expanded the systems to the next level. He designed and patented special dental tools to accommodate the technique, and wrote a book and training guides on how to use the system. To top it off, he developed a certification program for dentists and special laboratories, and lectured and taught these new practices around the world. Eventually, he would convert the remainder of the basement into his private laboratory as he broadened and developed his businesses.

At an early age I started to cultivate entrepreneurial consciousness. Observing my father in action, he was subliminally mentoring me without even trying.


Soil to Soul Reflections

My dad was a self-made man and I loved the precious time I was able to spend with him. I learned the value and importance of building enduring relationships as I observed his generosity and kindness with his patients and others. Precious moments with our loved ones are not to be taken for granted. They help us get to know ourselves- to know who we truly are, not what someone else thinks we should be.


Reflection Question

Who in your life has soulfully mentored and inspired you to be who you are today?

I am eternally thankful for my father’s gifts, which keep on giving. Tell us who you has inspired you on our Facebook page.


Business Solution

An excellent strategy for success in business is to diversify what you love to do, that brings out the best in you, while being of service to others.

For as long as I can remember, I was exposed to the world of business through my father. From the comfort of my home I witnessed the exchange of his valuable service that put food on our table and clothes on our backs.

I learned that diversifying a business makes sense and that by understanding the interconnectedness of all the elements in a particular business, it enables you to leverage a business concept into multiple streams of income.

Observing my father branch out in his niche market, specializing in teeth, I learned how to diversify and balance my future businesses while staying in balance within a niche business.

I eventually got into the organic chocolate business selling cocoa, a popular winter beverage, and chocolate syrup, a popular summertime condiment for ice cream. Both where chocolate products made with similar ingredients and catered to similar customers, yet different with each having different applications and seasons. Once you are in the chocolate business you are able to produce other products that support one another and thrive in the diversified system you establish.

Systems and cycles in business, like in nature, change and are interdependent on each other. They enable a balanced outcome. Sometimes one item or service might be more popular than another, so it is good practice to diversify and have multiple streams of income, as was so eloquently modeled by my dad.


Interconnection Business to the Systems and Cycles of Nature

Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms on earth – the different plants, animals, and microorganisms, and the ecosystems in which they live. Depending on the season, the ecosystem changes. In autumn the leaves fall, decomposition happens. In the spring, the leaves grow, followed by flowers, fruit, and seeds. All of life is related and part of larger systems and cycles.

An ecosystem that is diversified is healthy, in balance, and can thrive. The tree requires the soil and the soil requires all the organisms in the soil. The trees create the necessary shade for the understory to grow and is the home for squirrels, birds, and other critters including moss and fungi — all living in harmony with symbiotic relationships. When there is a drought there’s a deficit that can throw the balance off, as when there’s too much rain it can flood and erode the soil.

Nature, when in balance has the systems and cycles to be resilient, able to adapt to these unpredictable shifts.

We learn from nature.  Many businesses fail because they are not diversified and do not pay attention to systems and cycles, therefore are not resilient.

Appreciating that we are part of nature and operating a business that supports all life on this planet is tricky business. The more businesses that learn to run with the ebb and flow of nature, the better it will be for all life on the planet. Observe and embrace: Nature is the greatest mentor of all!


Big Love,

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