Interconnecting Business and Humanity to the Systems and Cycles of Nature

Aloha I’m Donna, a multi passinate entrepreneur with a purpose, since 1980.
I’m also the founder and CEO- (Conscientious Enthusiastic Optimist) of Soil to Soul Solutions; a new online cooperative dedicated to creating rich solutions for a conscious economy centered around the wisdom of ecology.


Soil To Soul Solutions offers you, inspirational content, and mentors directing you to live a more fulfilling life.

Our Members and outstanding resources offer you solutions to Regenerate your health, career, communities and the planet. We are a tribe of artists, authors, musicians and entrepreneurs collectively supporting one another to launch new products and services that help to restore the planet and humanity.
Doing so we have a greater impact on the world with the gifts we have to offer. From the Soil to the Soul ~ to success, People, Planet, and Profit!  

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Regeneration ~Soil To Soul Solutions ~Interconnecting Business and Humanity to the Systems and Cycles of Nature.
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